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The Piedmont region of Northern Italy is a picturesque, landlocked valley guarded by sloping hills and mountains, known for outstanding aromas and wines. A very traditional land, with most of world-revered wines it produces being cultivated on family estates from the days of feudal Italy, instead of large corporate distilleries and courtyards as can be found in other countries. The major grape grown on these lands is the famous Nebbiolo, which is used to concoct some of the best that Italian wines online has to offer, from Barbera, to Asti, all of which are world prize-winners. A strong red, endemic to the region, runs through all the wines that use Nebbiolo as their base, although the Asti is a well-respected white wine weaned from Moscato grapes. These Italian wines tend to be the perfect complement to rice, meats, chocolates, pastas and cheeses.

We strive to uphold the tradition of delivering the world-renowned spirits from the region, from the top-rated Barbaresco, with its intensely sweet, spicy and dry flavor, which comes from being mandatorily aged in oak barrels for at least a full year. Barbera is another exalted win from the Piedmont region, possessing a ripe currant aroma, is richly perfumed and smoky, with a vibrant ruby red color from which it gets its name. Another winner is the famous Asti, and the strong and persistent flavor of Muscat grapes, with a sweet and heavily desirable flavor that usually means a shortage year-after-year as merchants snatch up bottles of one of the fine Italian wines online. The Nebbiolo tends to be an exclusively Italian wine, as it has only been successfully grown on the slopes of the hills of Piedmont thus far, despite many tries elsewhere. Other regions seem unable to preserve powerful and intense grape flavor and beautiful garnet-colored full-bodied nature of a properly aged Nebbiolo. Last; but most certainly not least, there’s the king of all wines – the Barolo – whose name actually means “the king of wines and the wine of kings”. And truly, does it live up to this name with its full-bodied complexity and chocolate truffle taste and perfumed violet smell, mesmerizing with an orange-red color. From Dolcetto to Barolo, You’ll find Italian wines online great deals with the very best that Northern Italy has to offer.

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